All types of accesso


All types of accessories such as Power Supplies (Modular / PSU / SITOP / PS / LOGO Power), Profibus Cable, Profinet Cable, Modbus Cable, PC/PPI Cable, MPI Adapter, Scalance (Unmanaged/Managed), Communication Processors, Industrial Wireless Telecontrol, Siwarex are available. Accessories can be selected according to your requirement. Power supplies have a wide range of ratings. Ranging from 2.5A to 40A. All type of communication cables like Profibus, Profinet, Modbus etc with there connectors are available. The SCALANCE product line is designed primarily for use in diverse industrial applications. It provides everything for ultra efficient industrial networks and bus systems: powerful, future-proof network components for reliable operation in all industrial environments; a wiring system for fast pre-assembled connections on site; high speed redundancy for enhanced availability; and a signaling concept for permanent network component monitoring. Scalance X are the Industrial Ethernet Switch used to Create topology in system. Communication Processor can be used to communicate with varies field devices using different communication protocols. Siwarex are the Weighing modules used in Industries. Siwraex softwares are also available.

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