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SIEMENS RFID With the help of Siemens RFID Monitoring becomes quite easy which helps to increase the production. According to the Field application Siemens offers right solution and support. Different types of Series in Siemens RFID are RF1000, RF200, RF300 & RF600 1)RF1000 Series:- Rf1000 provides Rfid solution for electronic authorisation management. There are 2 types of Rfid in series SIMATIC RF1060R and SIMATIC RF1070R readers. They operate on frequency of 13.5 MHZ and has USB interfaces. Basics applications where it can be used are Controlled machine access, Access right of users. 2)SIMATIC RF200:- This family group consists of RF210R, RF220R, RF240R, RF250R and RF260R readers. They operate on frequency of 13.5 MHZ. And has interfaces such us RS422, RS232 & IO link. Basic applications where they can be used are Logistics & intralogistics purposes, Conveyor application, Etc. 3)SIMATIC RF300:- This Product group is specifically used for tracking and tracing purposes. It has high speed data acquisition and offers high performance RFID system. It operates on frequency of 13.5 Mhz and basic application where it can be used are for Identification task for Material flow, Tracking guide in machine manufacturing, etc. 4)SIMATIC RF600:- RF600 works with the latest UHF(ultra high frequency technology). It is the Most reliable amongst all. We can integrate it on our existing automation and IT very easily. With the help of this tracking and tracing becomes more reliable than before. Its frequency range is 865-928 Mhz. It can be used for higher end applications like IT solutions, For wireless environment demand etc. These RFID's can be communicated to controllers with the help of Communication Modules. There are various types of communication modules with Interfaces for all requirements.

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