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SINAMICS V90 SERVO DRIVES & MOTORS V90 Drive system is generally differentiated as Low Inertia & High Inertia. Low inertia Operating voltage are 230 V 3AC. And High Inertia Operating voltage are 3AC 400 V. There are two types of Drives for V90 which is differentiated on type of communication. One is hard wire communication which is executed with the help of set point cable. And another communication protocol is of Profinet. Two types of encoder are given in v90. Incremental Encoder and Absolute Encoder. High resolution Incremental encoder consist of 20 bit And Absolute encoder consist of 20 bit Single turn+12 bit Multiturn. Feather key and plain Shaft key are two types of keys available in V90. For high precision and Accuracy applications Motors with brake are considered. Whole system is connected with the help of Cables. 1)Power cable, 2)Encoder cable(Incremental/Absolute), 3)set point cable if communication is hardwire OR profinet cable if communication of drive is profinet. Cables are selected accordingly with reference to Shaft Height of the Motors OR Frame sizes of the drives.

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